A full-cycle production company, from design to installation, which specializes in complex and non-standard projects for the improvement of residential and urban areas.

Studio of Unique Projects

Prize fund

100 000 r


Implementation of the winner's project and installation in Yekaterinburg


Acceptance of works until August 7, 2023

Announcement of winners on August 19

Installation of the object November 18, 2023


For the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg, SUP is holding an open competition for designers and architects.
Designing a series of small architectural forms.
Mandatory elements: Bench, bench with a back, urn, planter.
Additional elements: Parking for bicycles, swing, limit post.
Project requirements:
-Functionality: All elements must comply with ergonomic standards.
-Style: Constructivism
-MAF production materials: metal, wood, concrete.
-Dimensions: Structures or their prefabricated elements should not exceed the dimensions - width - 2000mm length - 3000mm height - 2500
-Design: 3D visualization of the entire collection inscribed in the urban environment. 3d of each maf, orthogonal projections with dimensions, indication of cuts and sections (if necessary)

Acceptance of works until August 7, 2023
Announcement of the finalists August 12 "Builder's Day"
Announcement of the winners August 19 "city day"
Setting November 18, 1723 (the day of the founding of Yekaterinburg)
Project partners